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We would like to introduce ourselves as MNM Solar Power Systems, Authorized Dealers of ‘Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd’ dealing in 'Ground & Rooftop Solar Power Systems' based in Mumbai with business transactions in & around the State of Maharashtra.

Founded in August 2016 by college friends Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni and Mr. Neelesh Vartak, both B. E. in Production Technology from Mumbai University, MNM Solar Power Systems, a Partnership Firm having Registered Office in Mumbai, boasts of a powerful team of 14 highly educated & skilled professionals who have successfully installed & commissioned over 700kW of On-Grid Rooftop Solar Systems in & around Mumbai.

We customize and provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential premises based on your requirement; to fit your need for ground and roof top Solar PV system. After successful commissioning, we also look after the appropriate O&M service necessary to get the highest yield performance of your solar power plant project for a lifespan that spreads over 25 years.

We, on behalf of Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar company, invite you to be a part of National Solar Mission that is driven by the singular vision – harness the power of sun to enable solar everywhere. It is a major initiative of the Government of India and State Governments to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India's energy security challenge.

We are an integral part of Tata Power Solar, India’s leading solar manufacturer who has completed 27 years of operations & operating 400 MW and 300 MW of module & cell manufacturing facility in Bangalore, which is providing high-quality solar components to power plants. Tata Power Solar are a Tier-1 bankable module manufacturer, known for their high quality, efficient and reliable modules worldwide & SP-1A rated MNRE channel partner.

A reliable & nationwide service network ensures that owning a TATA POWER Solar System is always a trouble free experience.

Why Solar Energy?

The energy of the future is solar energy. It helps in creating a tomorrow that is cleaner and greener for generations to come. India has a potential for utilizing solar power for over 300 sunny days of the year, reducing carbon footprints and pollution. The huge gap between demand and supply of electricity can be easily fulfilled. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power systems use the light available from the sun to generate electricity and feed this into the main electricity grid or load as the case may be.


1. On-Grid or Grid-tied: These rooftop systems are primarily designed to supply the generated power to the grid and also power the load. These systems will NOT generate power during a power failure.

2. Off-grid: This system does not work with the grid and is designed to work only with a battery backup or diesel generator in off-grid applications.

Key Benefit to Consumers:

1) Cashback for Excess Power generated.

A) If the quantum of electricity exported exceeds the quantum imported during the Billing Period, the excess quantum shall be carried forward to the next Billing Period as credited Units of electricity.

B) If the quantum of electricity Units imported by the Eligible Consumer during any Billing Period exceeds the quantum exported, the Utility shall raise its invoice for the net electricity consumption after adjusting the credited Units.

C) The unadjusted net credited Units of electricity as at the end of each financial year shall be purchased by the Distribution Licensee at its Average Cost of Power Purchase.

D) A Consumer can install a system of capacity equivalent to the sanction load mentioned on their bill.

2) Owing to high capital investment, finance options are available from Nationalized Banks as well as private lenders.

Why MNM Solar?

Pay ZERO for your electricity bill for next 25 years*

Get protected against tariff hikes

Earn from your idle rooftop space

Invest in a trusted, dependable & long lasting system

Reap accelerated depreciation benefit

Green power, clean power

Negligible Maintenance / Operational Cost

Convenient Net Metering Mechanism

No need for Battery Backup


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